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Chartering & Breakbulk

Our hands-on proactive approach addresses all stake holder, first, by ensuring that the services are performed safely, as requested and on time, and second by guaranteeing a reliable relationship with owners and parcel operators around the world while, at the same time safeguarding the trust and professionalism standards and practices with our partners.

CADY are unique experts in chartering break bulk vessels. Our extensive knowledge of the break bulk market allows us to match cargoes and dates, find the right vessels for each of the challenging projects we handle. We carefully analyze the nature of each cargo to match it with the most suitable vessels and deliver it safely and efficiently to its final destinations on-time and cost-effectively.

At CADY, we are well conversed and experienced in shipping and in handling a broad variety of cargo and shipment to include, but not limited to bulk, Heavy lift, chartering heavy equipment, Oil & Gas, Rocks and Stones as well as hazardous materials.

The Key to chartering is the ability to fully understand, be flexible enough to address the specific fixture/business needs, and address all the different types of chartering services, such as: Time Charter, Voyage Charter, and Contract of Affreightment (COA) in order to successfully and efficiently complete the cycle of Chartering and Breakbulk.