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Specialized in Cross Booking all Over the World
Getting to know Cady for logistic services

CADY for Logistic Services Company is a recently established company in 2017 by well experienced veteran in the logistics business.


The company presently consists of a team of qualified professionals that are specialized in the field of transport and logistics.We can assure you that “THERE IS NO PROJECT THAT IS TOO BIG FOR US”; our vast experience makes us more than capable of assisting any client with their logistics need.CADY’s main headquarter is based in Amman, Jordan with partner companies in Palestine and Iraq.


CADY’s logistics services extends from Jordan to, Iraq, Palestine, and all over the world which makes CADY the most preferable local service provider.CADY’s main specialty Qis freight forwarding which includes air, ocean and land freight forwarding with logistic administration, warehousing & customs clearance.


CADY also offers services such as packing, transporting, cargo insurance and cross docking services. CADY provides the ideal solution by studying every detail of the process including tax exemptions, registry procedures and all country investment regulations.

Meet CADY Logistics Services

Our name and logo is the best place to start to better understand our competitive, comparative advantage, differentiating features, as well as our market edge.


One of the major disadvantages of translating a name from one language to another is that you turn it from a meaningful entity to a meaningless nothing. This is not the case with CADY, which is an Arabic name of a flower, and in English it becomes abbreviations for concepts and morals we hold so deep as well as tenets of our work ethic and business model.


So, CADY represents the C for Caring, as we put first and foremost the interest of our clients and the A for Action as we are action and results driven teams, and the D for Dignity, and this is how we treat our people, clients and partners and the Y for  Your, as your concerns and expectations are our priority.


Upon a closer look, we notice that the logo is crowned with three jewels of different colors representing three elements of earth; Light Blue representing the Sky (air transportation) Green representing Land (Land transport) and Dark Blue representing Seas and Oceans (marine transport).


Ending up with CADY, a young yet global transportation company, encompassing all forms of known transport, paving all available routes, meanwhile never losing its focus on specific industries while spanning the globe.


The founders' vision for CADY revolves around developing a comprehensive yet simple and hassle-free service that is accessible for companies of all sizes.

A Message From The General Manager
Dear Business Partners,

I would like to take the opportunity of launching our new Website to re-express my gratitude and appreciation to you our faithful partners in success for continually choosing CADY Logistics services as your logistic and freight services provider of choice.

Emanating from our name, we fully understand and duly implement it in treating you our partners with the utmost dignity mixed with care for Your priorities, by actioning our beliefs into deliverables that will best enhance your business and Return on Investment.

This is our methodology from top down and bottoms up to best focus on and address our customer’s needs and expectations as our paramount priority through our different departments from customer care, to support and logistics in order to ensure best service and highest delivery standards.

We, at CADY, through carefully and efficiently organized consortiums of local, regional and global partners, ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing clients with smart, sophisticated and integrated shipping and logistic solutions, delivering the highest standards of service at very competitive rates making CADY your optimal customized solution addressing your individual needs.

Lubna Khair
General Manager

Head of Department
Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offering exceptional value in the marketplace and setting the standard for professionalism in the logistic solutions we provide. In addition to operating our business profitably, we strive to operate it responsibly both for our clients and our employees, for whom our goal is to provide a safe and secure work environment. 
We aim to become an indispensable partner to our clients by helping them build and maximize their sustainable competitive advantages. By helping them get their products to market quickly, efficiently, and safely. Empowered by our expertly crafted and reliable logistics solutions, our clients can rest assured that every interaction will be driven by Care, Action, Dignity and with Your integrity, respect, interest and satisfaction as the fundamental principles of our business.
Why CADY Logistics Services?

Despite the fact that CADY for Logistic Services Company is a young company recently established in 2017, yet it is edged by being created and enabled by the vast experience and know-how of pioneering veterans in the logistics business. Endowed with strong headquarters in Amman Jordan, with partner companies in Palestine and Iraq and coupled with solid partners both in the region and globally.

Presently empowered by a qualified team of transport and logistics specialized professionals, who live and execute on the saying that THERE IS NO PROJECT THAT IS TOO BIG FOR US.

Our proven vast experience verified by the numerous clients’ testimonials makes us the chosen center of excellence for assisting any client with their logistics need.

Cady Logistics Services is certified by both the Jordan Maritime Commission and the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, thus, giving us an edge by being certified by the highest authorities in Jordan for air and marine transportation, to work earnestly in best handling your air and ocean transportation.  

Notwithstanding its wide coverage and excellent success stories, yet CADY is specialized in Qis freight forwarding which includes air, ocean and land freight forwarding with logistic administration, warehousing & customs clearance.

CADY plays a crucial role in streamlining the whole logistics and freight services starting with expressing a need to sourcing the desired product or service to delivering at your doorstep or opted point of delivery through providing ideal solutions encompassing the careful analysis of every detail including road surveys, tax exemptions, registry procedures and individual country investment regulations. To that end, CADY also provides value-added services like packing, transportation, chartering heavy equipment, cargo insurance, cross docking and cross booking services.

Thus, it is clear why CADY is your logistics partner in success.

Company Profile

Since our establishment over years Cady Logistics has supported better living for people and the development of industry.

Our Values

Our values stem from the underlying philosophy of our name and logo. These are the tenets that distinguish us. Our logo carries within it: our message, values, morals, ethics, and professional conduct. It both brands and positions us as a trustworthy partner. 


The C A D Y in CADY stands for the following:

  1. CARING for our Clients is our driver
  2. ACTION-driven is our motto
  3. DIGNITY is our communication strategy
  4. YOUR satisfaction is out objective.

The Jewels in the logo represent the comprehensive nature of our business, as well as stands for the highest of standards we implement in the Way We Work. At CADY, we live true to our name and incorporate it in the way we serve our clients. By integrating clients’ needs into ideal solutions, we are able to resolve their issues and streamline their logistics in a manner that only befits CADY’s standards.

Our Best and Brightest

Standing Steadfast to building trust and delivering value to all stake holders, alike. Our close-knit crème de la crème team of professionals enjoy a collaborative, rewarding and creativity-nurtured environment. Empowered with proactive consulting methodology inspired and nurtured by our CADY-led principles, they work in-unison with our customers to establish a long-term symbiotic relationship. Furthermore, they maintain a high level of integrity by treating customers, associates, partners and vendors with fairness and honesty.